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CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE was ‘born’ shortly after the birth of my grand daughter, Carmen Chè. This is her magazine, and in honour of my son who passed away before her birth.

I have always been intrigued by the Montessori Method of teaching, especially having lived with my two nieces who have been schooled at ‘Montessori on First’ in Edenvale. They are exceptionally advanced and both unique little people. I believe a lot of the credit goes to their schooling method, which is carried through to their home environment. It’s a way of life.

My plan was to study to be a Montessori Directress and then this opportunity presented itself, so now I have the best of both worlds, working for myself and being involved with the fundamentals of bringing up your children. Montessori lays the foundation for life.

From the launch of the 1st edition of Child of the Universe, the response has been phenomenal, it seems we are filling a gap in the market that was previously unattended. The aim is to pull the whole of the Montessori community together in South Africa whilst interacting with other Montessorians around the world who have taken an interest in the magazine.

We have a captive selection of readers, both Mums and Dads, teachers and students, who take a serious interest in children’s education, entertainment, growth and development. The focus of the magazine is ‘Healthy balanced parents = Healthy happy children’. 

Topics covered include Total Health for everyone, which includes mind, body and spirit. We are very careful in who and what we support, based on a natural, organic and ethical way of life. 

The magazine is distributed digitally, straight into the hands of our database of readers. It is multi-portal friendly as it can be opened on laptops, iPads, Tablets and certain phones. All articles are available on our website for downloading purposes.

As this is YOUR magazine, we encourage you to interact with us via email, website and facebook.

We are ALL Children of the Universe!




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What other have to say

  • "Just had a look at your first issue! Congratulations! It really is exceptional. All your hard work has finally paid off. Well Done!"
     - Natalie Matticks
  • "Congratulations my friend, it's really lovely going to pass it on to the teachers etc."
    - Hazel Thompson
  • "What an amazing magazine – congratulations. I hope it grows bigger than your dreams."
    - Tamar

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